Becoming a DER

by Kyle
(Akron, Ohio)

In plain English, how does one become a DER? I've read most of Order 8100.8C, but some things are still unclear to me.

I am 23 and will be graduating with my BS in Electrical Engineering in May 2011 and also possess my Private Pilot's license with IFR rating. I believe that may qualify me for the Equipment and Systems or Radio designation.

I understand that I would be required to attend an initial seminar that costs $170.00, but what happens after that? Is it another seminar for the specific designation and a test? I would assume it would be much more in depth than that. I haven't found a clear cut layout of the entire process and costs, start to finish. Any help and insight I could get into the matter would be wonderful!

ANSWER: There isn't much I can add if you have read most of the Order 8100.8C because that is the guidance for the appointment of DERs. I can say that your degree alone would not qualify you for a DER. You would need some practical experience in the area of engineering first. I would recommend looking for a job in the aeronautical engineering field. A job that best fits with your electrical engineering education.

I would also suggest you contact an Aircraft Certification Office nearest you to discuss you desires to be a DER. They would be better suited to provide you with a logical direction to take.

You can find a list of Aircraft Certification Offices (ACO) by following the link below:

FAA Aircraft Certification Offices

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