Aviation Case Study Project

by Alaa Skaf

What sort of things should I mention in an aviation case study project?

ANSWER: Well all I can do is give you my opinion, so here it goes.

Aviation is a broad term with many different topics. The following just to name a few:

- Brief history of aviation

- Types of aircraft

- Air traffic control

- Aviation weather

- Aircraft pilots

- Aircraft maintenance technicians

- Aircraft maintenance

- Aviation regulations

- Commercial aviation

- General aviation

I would suggest you pick one topic from those mentioned above, and make that the focus of your case study. Any of these topics would provide plenty to write about.

Of course, my choices would be aircraft maintenance or aircraft technicians.

You can publish a summary of your completed case study on this website if you wish. Just click on the "Click here to post comments" link on this page.

I'm sure there are many that would like to give it a read.

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