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FAA Form 8130-6, Application for Airworthiness Certificate

FAA Form 8130-12, Eligibility Statement, Amateur-Built Aircraft

AC Form 8050-88, Affidavit of Ownership for Amateur-Built Aircraft

Advisory Circular AC 20-27, Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft

FAA Form 8050-1, Aircraft Registration Application cannot be obtained online because it is in a format with carbon copies. You can obtain this form by contacting your local Flight Standard District Office (FSDO)


The FAA usually will not perform in-process inspections for determining airworthiness during the fabrication and assembly process. However, the FAA has to make a determination that the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation. Therefore, the amateur builder’s documentation needs to indicate all in-process inspections by knowledgeable persons, such asEAA technical counselors or certificated mechanics. All in-process inspection documentation needs to include dates and names of all person(s) involved.


The FAA/DAR may conduct pre-cover inspections at its own discretion during the fabrication and assembly process for the purpose of determining if the major portion requirement has been met. As with in-process inspections, all pre-cover inspections need to be thoroughly documented to include dates and names of all person(s) involved.


Amateur builder(s) need to be able to provide adequate and sufficient documentation to detail the construction and inspections of their aircraft. These records need to clearly indicate what was fabricated, assembled, or inspected, bywhom, and the date the activity was performed.

Documentation should clearly show who performed the task(s), describe when and where the tasks were performed, depict the methods of acceptable aeronautical construction and practices, and document the use of commercial and noncommercial assistance.

The FAA/DAR must be provided with sufficient information to make a major portion determination. This documentation may include the following:

- The Amateur-Built Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009).

- Comprehensive builder’s logs in any format, to include photographs of all the steps included in each of the listed tasks in the Amateur-Builder Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009), materials and techniques used in construction, as well as dates, locations, and detailed descriptions.

- Photographs/video/DVD.

- Drawings and engineering specifications.

- Kit manufacturer’s data, when necessary.

- Relevant documentation (for example, plans) and references (for example, handbooks)used.

- Documentation concerning any commercial assistance used, including receipts.

- Documentation concerning any non-commercial assistance used.

- Part inventories and histories.

- Receipts and catalogs.

- Logbook entries.


The applicant should be advised that after the experimental amateur-built airworthiness certificate has been issued, they must show compliance to FAR 91.319(b). This is done by developing a flight test program that addresses the requirements, goals, and objectives of each test flight.

The flight test program should be developed in accordance with AC 90-89, Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook, or its equivalent in scope and detail. Flight test programs serve two purposes:

- They ensure the aircraft has been adequately tested and determined to be safe to fly within the aircraft’s flight envelope.

- The flight test data is used to develop an accurate and complete aircraft flight manual and to establish emergency procedures.

NOTE: The EAA Flight Advisor program has been established to assist applicants in developing flight test programs.

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