Aircraft Maintenance Organization Approval

by Norman
(Macau, China)

What are the FAA Requirements in applying for an Aircraft Maintenance Organization Approval?

ANSWER: FAR 145 governs the application, certification and operations of aircraft repair stations both foreign and domestic.

FAR 145 Subpart B Certification - outlines the requirements for application and the ratings that are issued to repair stations.

The FAA publishes advisory circulars related to repair station certification and the development of the required manuals.

AC 145-7A - Issuance of Repair Station Certificates to Foreign Approved Maintenance Organizations Under the Maintenance Implementation Procedures of a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement

AC 145-9-CHG-1 - Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals

AC 145-10 - Repair Station Training Program

These advisory circulars can be downloaded in the free members area of our main site We also offer FAR 145 training for repair station applicants. Click on the "Aviation Safety Info" tab in the left column of this page to visit the site.

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