Aircraft, Engine, and Prop Serial Numbers in Logbooks.

Is there a requirement to have the aircraft, engine, prop serial number listed on the logbooks and if so what would be the regulatory reference?

Aircraft registration numbers could change if an aircraft were to be exported to a foreign country. History and tracking of documentation is the item of concern.

ANSWER: FAR 91.417 states that an aircraft owner/operator shall keep and maintain aircraft maintenance records. FAR 43.9 and 43.11 state that maintenance personnel are required to make record entries after maintenance and/or inspections.

There is no requirement for a logbook, and no specific requirement to record serial numbers. It is one of those read between the line items.

To comply with FAR 91.417, it would require some method of tracking the maintenance actions on aircraft and/or components.

The recording of part numbers and serial numbers in the aircraft or component records is the only way I am aware of that you can connect the maintenance action performed to that aircraft or component.

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