Airbus FAA Type Certification

by Jack Lim

1. If an Airbus A320 goes straight into a JAR Type Certification, at that time, is it type certified for FAA before N register or FAA C of A?

2. If not eligible for the above at that time, and if it were to apply compliance to FAA C of A, must it meet the Type Certification again at this present time and not at manufacture time?

ANSWER: In addition to the DGAC type certification requirements, the FAA A320 type certificate requires the following modifications be accomplished:

Modification # 21215 (Installation of ozone filter)
Modification # 21329 (Cargo door locking indication - included in mod # 21999)
Modification # 21562 (Emergency exit inscription & marking)

Also, the FAA has certified the A320 for up to 179 passengers and the DGAC has certified the A320 for up to 180 passengers.

So, for a U.S. airworthiness certificate to be issued, the above modifications would have to be accomplished, and one seat deactivated.

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