Adjustable Gross Weight for LSA

by an anonymous visitor

I have an kit built aircraft that weights 57 lbs above the allowable 1320 lbs for Light Sport when CG is calculated by FAA standards. I can adjust the gross weight to meet the FAA requirements before flight. Is it allowable to register this aircraft as a Light Sport?

ANSWER: Even though you can adjust the gross take off weight to be below the maximum 1320 lb requirement, the aircraft can only be certificated in the experimental light sport category if:

The kit you used is from an LSA kit manufacturer who has previously built and had certificated in the LSA category the same make and model of aircraft.

If so, yes it can be certificated in the experimental LSA category as long as it is built and flown in accordance with the information provided by that manufacturer.

If not, it does not qualify as an experimental LSA and must be certificated as an amateur kit built aircraft following those guidelines.

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