AC Form 8050–73, Triennial Aircraft Registration Report

by Jack Davis
(Wellington, Nevada)

Where can I get this form and do I have to fill it out even though there have been no changes with my registration?

ANSWER The FAA Aircraft Registry is supposed to send the AC Form 8050-73 Triennial Aircraft Registration Report to each holder of a Certificate of Aircraft Registration within 36 months of aircraft registration or the filing of the last report. If they have not done so, you can contact them at the following:

Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750 PO Box 25504 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125-0504 Phone: (405) 954-3116 Fax: (405) 954-3548

The requirement to submit the form is found in FAR 47.51. You can see this regulation in the FAA Regulations section of this website. Yes, you must submit the form even if there has been no changes to your registration.

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