FAR 21.182 - Aircraft Identification

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, each applicant for an airworthiness certificate under this subpart must show that his aircraft is identified as prescribed in §45.11.

(b) Paragraph (a) of this section does not apply to applicants for the following:

(1) A special flight permit.

(2) An experimental certificate for an aircraft not issued for the purpose of operating amateur-built aircraft, operating primary kit-built aircraft, or operating light-sport aircraft.

(3) A change from one airworthiness classification to another, for an aircraft already identified as prescribed in §45.11.

[Amdt. 21–13, 32 FR 188, Jan. 10, 1967, as amended by Amdt. 21–51, 45 FR 60170, Sept. 11, 1980; Amdt. 21–70, 57 FR 41368, Sept. 9, 1992; Amdt. 21–85, 69 FR 44862, July 27, 2004]

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